Promoting Anodizing Excellence Worldwide

Founded in the last millennium by enthusiastic specialists, the International Hard Anodizing Association is an association of companies whose mission and passion is to provide the most technically optimal solutions for anodizing aluminum components. Over the years, this association has become the most important international association of professionals and is one of the main driving forces for the overall development of this important industry. The objectives of the Association are: to promote the common interests of its members and the progress and growth of the hard anodizing industry; to engage in the promotion of hard anodizing through the preparation of technical data sheets and other promotional and educational programs; to provide members with technical and general information on hard anodizing of new alloys, products and processes, specifications and test methods; and to hold regular membership meetings to further these objectives. As a new important task of the IHAA, the IHAA Quality Label has been developed, whereby we have created a practical tool, in addition to the valid standards, to provide end users with an effective tool to differentiate good from less good hard anodizing suppliers.

Information is exchanged at regular meetings and during the IHAA international conferences, where scientific papers on various topics are presented and participants are given ample opportunity to exchange technical knowledge. In this regard, the social evenings also play a not insignificant role, where information can be exchanged in an informal environment. Some people claim that this could even be one of the most important aspects... In addition to the academic environment, the IHAA encourages members to contact each other about hard anodizing problems and situations and to maintain contacts outside of formal meetings. The association thrives on the active participation of its members and for that we need you - join and become a part of the IHAA now!