Promoting The Benefits of Anodizing Worldwide

The International Hard Anodizing Association was formed in 1989 and is an organization of companies which are engaged in the production of hard anodized finishes on aluminum components, either for customers or for their own products and of associate members which may be: manufacturers of semi-fabricated aluminum; companies engaged in supplying chemicals and processes or plant and equipment to the hard anodizing industry; or companies which are users of hard anodized components and products but do not have their own anodizing facility.

The aims of the association are: to promote the common interests of its members and the progress and growth of the hard anodizing industry; to engage in the promotion of hard anodizing by the preparation of technical data sheets and other publicity and educational programs; to provide members with technical and general information relating to hard anodizing, new alloys, products and processes, specifications and test methods; and to hold regular meetings of the membership in the furtherance of these aims.

The above aims are accomplished by several means all of which have the common theme of promoting the establishment of relationships and the interchange of information among the members. Many technical matters concerning hard anodizing are addressed at IHAA's biennial conference where papers are presented on various topics and those in attendance are given ample opportunity to interact with one another. One of these means is the encouragement of members to contact one another on problems and situations regarding hard anodizing and to maintain those contacts.