Every participant in the certification program is naturally concerned that confidential company information will be made public or, in the worst case, will fall into the hands of competitors. Information about plant capacities, available processes, or even the year of manufacture of the plant is data that must never be accessible to competitors! So that this can happen under no circumstances, the IHAA has designed the internal processes absolutely data secure! The certifications for the USA are carried out by an auditor from Europe, the certifications for Europe by an American auditor. The certification processes for countries from all other continents is shared between both teams. All incoming information, whether from self-reporting or from the certification processes themselves, is initially available exclusively to the IHAA secretariat. Here a filtering takes place according to continents. Subsequently, the documents are sent according to the same system as the audits were carried out.

Thus, it is 100% guaranteed that a market competitor NEVER gets the slightest insight into the production and the internal company data of a competitor.

The IHAA vouches for this with its name!